Dear friends,
Welcome to my page about  Health,  Lifestyle, Sport, Dancing about the power of Mother Nature and healing ourselves. I am glad I can exchange these information with you, that I gained in years of studying and in my private practising.

I was raised in a family, where my Mum was an Herbalist and my Dad an Beekeeper. I learned since I have been child how to use herbs and honey. It was an amazing school for whole life. When I was in young age this world opened up to me with more information and I realized how much there is to learn about our Planet, Mother Nature and about ourselves.

I became Reiki Therapist, Theta Healing Practicioner, Feet Reflexology Therapist, Certified Ski Instructor, Certified Belly Dancing Instructor, SM System ( Spiral Stabilization of the Spine ) Instructor.

But does not matter if we have any Certificates, it matters if we realize our inner wisdom and we are willing to learn.

I definitely am    …are you?